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Help Pocono Alliance get into their new home

Pocono Alliance is currently fundraising for the purchase of a new building for program operations. Please support our efforts by donating today! Donate through Paypal or mail a check payable to 'Pocono Alliance' to: Pocono Alliance Attn: Michael Tukeva 912 Main Street, Suite 300 Stroudsburg, PA 18360... Read more

Pocono Alliance Receives $21K from AllOne Charities

Stroudsburg, PA - Pocono Alliance received $21,000 from AllOne Charities for the Healthy Start Screening Program. The Healthy Start Screening Program provides vision, hearing and developmental screenings for children 5 years and under in Monroe County. The funding received by AllOne Charities allowed Pocono Alliance to provide 400 screenings at child care facilities, school literacy nigh... Read more

Sanofi Pasteur Donates $50K to Pocono Alliance

Stroudsburg, PA - Pocono Alliance received a $50,000 contribution from Sanofi Pasteur for the Bridges Out of Poverty Program. The Bridges Out of Poverty program works with Monroe County residents that are in poverty, providing training and encouragement to identify financial and social resources. Participants receive educational tools as well as mentoring to strengthen their individual... Read more

Getting Ahead Expanding Program Offerings

Pocono Alliance recognizes the need for help for people in our county who are in, or near, poverty to get back on their feet and on the road to economic self-sufficiency. That is why for more than 5 years we have been running the Getting Ahead program, which helps people in poverty examine their lives and make changes for themselves. In 2017 we are running 8 classes at 4 locations, in... Read more

Now You Can Dial 211 for PoconoInfo

Need help finding help? Dial 211! The PoconoInfo Helpline, a service of Pocono Alliance, serves as the 2-1-1 contact in Monroe County. When an individual dials ‘211’ within Monroe County, they are put through to a PoconoInfo call specialist who helps determine their need and provides contact information to local, state or national programs that may be able to help. In 2016, Poco... Read more