Charitable Energy

An idea with impact: A way to help low-income residents meet heat and electricity needs.

We’re in a unique position to become an energy leader.

To help low-income people meet their energy needs, charity begins at home — or at a business.

The goal of Pocono Alliance is to make sure low-income residents get the vital heat and electricity they need. To that end, we’re working with our collaborative partners to provide energy assistance by introducing new funding sources that keep up with increasing energy costs and needs.

People who struggle with this basic need can now be safe, healthy and comfortable.

Residents must meet the 151-200% of federal poverty guidelines to be eligible for the application process. While still classified as the working poor, these residents do not qualify for normal heating assistance programs such as the Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Once approved, individuals will receive assistance towards their energy bill as well as valuable budgeting and energy savings tips.

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