Healthy Start

Determined to succeed, right from the start: Early screenings in speech, motor skills and more, set kids up for school success.

We want kids entering kindergarten to be able to learn.

Cognitive delays or hearing and vision issues can mean missing opportunities to learn and grow.

With free screenings in speech, language, motor skills, self-help, vision, hearing and more, early delays are recognized, and the right help can be found.

We want parents better able to support and advocate for their child.

Parents are encouraged to ask questions about their child’s growth and development. We also help connect them with school and community resources.

Early identification of developmental issues helps kids be more prepared for kindergarten and beyond.

The PoconoInfo Helpline also offers PEDS (Parents’ Evaluation of Development Status), a valuable tool to help parents address their concerns, find referrals, and other services they may need.

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their best potential.

Help make a difference in our community.

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