Now You Can Dial 211 for PoconoInfo

By Maria Schramm July 7, 2018, 8:32 pm
PoconoInfo is now 2-1-1
PoconoInfo is now 2-1-1

Need help finding help? Dial 211! The PoconoInfo Helpline, a service of Pocono Alliance, serves as the 2-1-1 contact in Monroe County. When an individual dials ‘211’ within Monroe County, they are put through to a PoconoInfo call specialist who helps determine their need and provides contact information to local, state or national programs that may be able to help.

In 2016, PoconoInfo call specialists assisted 6,557 calls for assistance with needs such as heating and utility assistance, food assistance, shelters/housing, rent/mortgage assistance, and numerous other human service needs.

“Residents often make numerous phone calls to agency after agency without really knowing who they should call. When they call 211, we can guide them to appropriate agencies for assistance, and save them a lot of time,” said Maria Schramm PoconoInfo Manager.

Schramm added that while 211 and the PoconoInfo Helpline primarily provide information about assistance programs, call specialists also speak to people who want to help the community as well. “We receive calls from individuals that want to donate clothing, furniture and other items or to provide other services to help those in need and we can guide them to the right agency.”

The 211 system began 20 years ago as an initiative by United Way USA and was introduced to PA in 2011. The United Way of Monroe County continues to lead the charge to support the 211 initiative by pledging $35,000 to support PoconoInfo in 2017.

To reach PoconoInfo’s call specialists dial 211 or call (570) 517-3954, Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm, or search for services online 24/7 at

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