Sanofi Pasteur Donates $50K to Pocono Alliance

By Michael Tukeva July 17, 2017, 2:24 pm
Sanofi Pasteur check presentation
Sanofi Pasteur check presentation

Stroudsburg, PA – Pocono Alliance received a $50,000 contribution from Sanofi Pasteur for the Bridges Out of Poverty Program.
The Bridges Out of Poverty program works with Monroe County residents that are in poverty, providing training and encouragement to identify financial and social resources. Participants receive educational tools as well as mentoring to strengthen their individual productivity and contributions to the community.

“We provide the tools and they choose to write their own future story of success,” said Executive Director Michael Tukeva.
Tukeva added, “We are very grateful for Sanofi Pasteur’s continued support of our programs. They are working as hard as we are to strengthen this community,” said Executive Director Michael Tukeva.
“Sanofi Pasteur is committed to the health and well-being of Monroe County’s residents and we feel the Bridges program is providing a foundation to help people improve their lives ,” said Ellyn Schindler, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Engagement.

Pocono Alliance is a community-focused organization that advocates for positive and collective change and empowers people to improve their lives. Pocono Alliance programs focus on self-sufficiency, healthy living and child & family development. For more information, visit Pocono Alliance’s website at or on Facebook under Pocono Alliance.

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